When Christ Went to Calvary: He Forgave His Brothers and Sisters


A foreigner comes to Birmingham in the fall. It seems as though everyone is wearing crimson and white or navy and orange. They say words that when put together seem to make no sense, words like “War Eagle” and “Roll Tide.” Yet, they sense that something important is happening, they just don’t know or understand what.

Perhaps the same is true for us as we approach Easter. We know its important, we just aren’t sure why the church makes Easter such a big deal. In the week’s leading up to Easter, we are going to be looking at what happened When Christ Went to Calvary. Each week, we will see a different aspect of Christ’s battle on our behalf against sin, the devil, and death itself. Each week, we will have a clearer picture in our mind not only why Easter is important, but why Christ went to Calvary.

Today, we hear in God’s Word how our Savior forgave our sins when he went to Calvary. Now, the repentant sinner rejoices at being found in the loving embrace of the Father’s full, free, and “foolish” forgiveness. Secure in our Savior’s love and forgiveness, we go forth to share the Good News with those around us.

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