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Pastor Ben Kratz

You are being lied to…and you are the guilty party! The truth is, no one lies to you more than you do. And when you believe your own lies, your capacity for happiness and wholeness shrinks. Don't believe it? Maybe some of these sound familiar: "I need everyone to like me... Bad decisions don't have a consequence if no one knows about them... My anger is someone else's fault... I have to succeed at everything I do... All my marriage problems are my spouse's fault... But I have to..." You guessed it. Lies, lies, and more lies. In this Bible class series we will get more specific and go a little deeper than the sermon series, and examine some of the lies that we believe, how they impact our lives and learn how to replace them with the truth

  1. Week #1 – The Truth of the Matter(9/4)  “The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.” When it comes to the lies we believe, the truth is that they wreak havoc on our life. “Most of our emotional struggles, relationship difficulties, and spiritual set-backs are caused by the lies we tell ourself and the believe to be true.” Week #1 of this class will give us an opportunity to identify the lies we believe, understand the impact lies have on our lives, and finally how to combat them.

  2. Week #2 – Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness(9/11)  “The devil, the world and our sinful flesh”…the big 3 that wreak havoc on our soul! So it shouldn’t shock us that when it comes to the lies we believe, the most destructive lies the devil uses are “self” and “worldly” lies. Thy are taught from the time we take our first breath and are believed until the time we stop breathing. In order to unmask the devil’s lies we must identify our emotions, validate our feelings, and align our behavior with the truth of God’s Word.

  3. Week #3 – Misshapen Mirrors(9/18)  Do you ever blow up over small things? Or take things to personally? Are you driven more by feelings than facts? If so than you might be seeing things through a faulty lens or misshaped mirror (like those at a carnival). When we distort reality we open ourself up to some lies that will impact our lives dramatically. In order to combat them we need to see the whole truth. As we do this, we can also impact the way we respond with self-talk that is driven not by a distorted reality of fear, but one of faith in God’s real promises.

  4. Week #4 – A Cord of 3 Strands(9/25)  “Marriage is hard work. Yet blinding romantic notions keep most people from seeing or believing that. An old joke says there are 3 rings in marriage; the engagement ring, wedding ring, and suffe“ring”.” (p. 47, The Lies We Believe) To have spiritually and emotionally healthy marriages, husbands and wives need to unpack the lies and replace them with the truth so that their relationships don’t end up derailed and destroyed. 

  5. Week #5 – Be a Berean(10/2) The Bible tells us the Devil is the Father of Lies, so it shouldn’t shock us that he uses religious lies to hinder God’s mission and spiritually damage God’s children. What makes the spiritual lies so damaging is that they can have eternal consequences if they are believed. And here is the crux of the matter about this lie - the only way to unmask it is to be in the Word, which is something the Devil lies to us about the importance of. Seeing these lies through the lens of God’s truth is job #1.