Where is God? He Is Blessing You!

We are often filled with silent fears, burning guilt and heavy sorrow. We can feel that we are without hope and imagine that God is absent from our lives. We believe that God has forgotten about us. When sorrow burdens our hearts, worries pester our minds, and the world simply scoffs – where in the world is God? Our series this Epiphany season will show our God exactly where he is, and where he is found.

In our world, the rich, powerful and happy are blessed. Jesus turns our world upside down so we may be saved. He blesses the poor with the riches of His grace. He blesses the hungry with the good things in His house. He blesses the weeping with resurrection hope. He even blesses those who are hated, insulted, and persecuted, because these things are happening to them because they are connected to Christ.