Asking for a Friend: What do I get out of it?

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What do you do when you have to ask an embarrassing or awkward question, or a question you feel you should know the answer to? Why, you ask the question and simply say that you are “asking for a friend!” The next several weeks, we will follow Jesus as he journeys toward his work of saving us in Jerusalem. As he does, we will watch and listen and learn from our Savior the answer to questions we have or questions we’ve been asked. Questions like, “Is God good?” “Does God care?” and “Do I have to be humble?”  This week, we deal with the craving we all have for recognition and appreciation. Perhaps we don’t say it like the disciples (Who is the greatest?), but the thought crosses our mind when confronted with opportunities for service: What will I get out of it? The answer lies again in our Savior, and how he chose to selflessly service us by saving us from sin. Imitating his love for us, we strive to serve and love others as our Savior has served and loved us.