Following: Followers of Jesus - Are Comforted in Death

Social media enables a person to closely follow topics that are interesting or important to them, engage in discussions on those topics, and read related content. With just the click of a button, we can “follow” interesting people or important topics and get pertinent updates. Did you know, though, that even if you aren’t on any social media platform, we still “followers”?  You and I “follow” Christ. As a follower of Christ, we want to closely follow what Jesus says and does, engaging in discussion about him and reading related materials to gain wisdom for life and grow in faith. Over the next several weeks, join us as we “follow” Jesus through the Gospel of Mark and you will hear from our Savior important truths that will guide you, encourage you, and strengthen you in your journey though life. Today, we learn how as followers of Jesus, we have comfort even when death comes.