Because He Lives... Easter at Our Savior Lutheran Church

If death was all that we had to look forward to, then we would be miserable indeed. We would have reason to fear that our whole life was in vain and the endurance of every struggle or temptation a wasted effort. If death ends all, why struggle, why sacrifice, why endure opposition and persecution especially from our own flesh in its fight with sins and temptations? But death does not end all. Death, feared by all, has now fallen victim to Christ in his resurrection; he has conquered it for us! Because he lives, we will rise. Because he lives, we will see him as he is. Because he lives, we will spend eternity not in dust but in adoration. That’s why he came. That’s why he died. That’s why we are so glad on this most holy day of days. Therefore do not be afraid of life. Fear death even less. For Christ is risen! He is risen indeed! His life is our life, our death is his death, his resurrection and his heaven are our future!