Our Savior Goes to War: Jesus Overcomes Temptation

This past week with Ash Wednesday, we entered the time of the church year called Lent. During the season of Lent, we reflect on our Savior’s battle with the devil with a somber realization that it was our sins that brought on his suffering and death. Through the next several weeks we are going to see our Savior go to war—to fight for us on our behalf and to fight against the devil, the sinful world, even death itself. Today, we see our Savior battle the devil and his temptations, something you and I are intimately familiar with. How often doesn’t the devil strive to lead us away from our Savior and into sin, and how often don’t we fall. But Jesus didn’t. Jesus overcame temptation, and in overcoming temptation, defeated the devil and won our salvation. We see our Savior go to war and come back victorious over temptation.