Are You Ready for CHRISTmas? - Christ Will Come Unexpectedly (Advent 1)

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Are you ready for Christmas?   Probably not.   This time of year, there is so much to do: decorating the home, buying gifts, getting ready for family.   However, if you are not ready for Christmas, you shouldn’t fret too much.    Frankly, whether you have the perfect gift for everyone is unimportant for the celebration of Christmas.  Whether your halls are properly decked is irrelevant to Christmas.   In fact, if you think that those things are important, you prove how little you understand Christmas.   

Christmas is important for only one reason.   Just as Christ came once, bringing salvation, so he will come again, bringing the end of the world as we know it.   He came the first time as a weak, helpless baby.  He comes again as King and Judge and Lord of all.   And so a better question than “Are you ready for Christmas?” is “Are you ready for Christ?”   Christmas is important only because a proper understanding of Christmas is what will prepare us for Christ’s return.   

In these weeks leading up to Christmas at Our Savior, we are going to spend some time talking about the true meaning of Christmas by wrestling with that question.  Are you ready for Christ?  

Our theme this week: Christ Will Come Unexpectedly

Preparing for Christmas is relatively easy for this reason – we know when it will be.  Christmas doesn’t move.   It is always December 25th.   That firm and well-known date allows us to prepare.  We know when we need to be ready.   Preparing for Christ’s second coming is more difficult since no one knows when that will be.   It could be 1000 years from now.  It could be tomorrow.   It is absolutely vital that you are prepared to meet Christ on Judgment Day.  Since we don’t know when that is, we must live in a constant state of readiness.