WELS Daily Devotion

Is something troubling you? Are you overwhelmed? Stressed out? Take a time out and see what God’s Word has to say about it.

Our national church body, the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Syond (WELS) delivers a daily podcast devotional message Monday through Friday each week narrated by Pastor Mike Hintz.


through my bible

Feel like you’re running on empty? Find the strength, energy, and motivation you need in today’s Bible reading..


Let the bird fly

Let the Bird Fly! is a podcast about living freely in a world given back to us. When we see the world for what it is and offers (and what it doesn’t), and when we live baptismally, we are freed to enjoy the things around us and the life of the mind for what it is: a gift!


the notable podcast

Imagine you picked up the most important book in the world, a book with words that could transform hearts.  Now, imagine when you opened up that book it was full of highlights and notes in the margin and so you could see how this book has transformed someone's heart.  This is the Notable Podcast.  These are discussions where pastors not only take seriously the Biblical text, but they share what they're underlining and highlighting, all of their notes that help them share share the world's most important book and how it's transformed their hearts and how it can transform the lives of the people you know.


Gird Up! Podcast

A podcast that explores what it means to be a man of God.




WELSTech exists to explore the use of technology to further the spread of the gospel. Video and audio episodes are released weekly. This show is sponsored by the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS).